Your Participation Matters

Our goal this year is 100% participation across the entire Thornhill community. It takes all of us working together, giving whatever amount we are able, to be able to raise $1,000 per student across all the fundraising efforts. All of our kids benefit from this, and Thornhill is an even better school because of it. Every dollar gets us closer to our budget goal. 

  • Early Bird Donors who donate by Sept. 16th get an insulated Thornhill tumbler. Tumblers will be distributed to early donors during the last week of September.
  • First Time Donor? Get a Thornhill car magnet to proudly display on your car! If you've donated and haven't received yours yet, contact our BSDD team.
  • ALL donors receive a beautifully designed Thornhill pin that can be worn on backpacks, sweatshirts, or any place you want to display your Thornhill pride. We have been distributing Thornhill buttons as we go, so if you donated and didn't receive one, let us know.

Thank you so much in advance for your support!

PFC Staff Spotlight

BSDD helps fund vital programs and support staff for our students, including PE, library, art, music, and more.
Below are some of the incredible staff members who make these programs possible.
​We need your participation to meet our 2019-2020 BSDD goal and to keep these programs going strong!

BSDD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accepts checks, or online payment via PayPal and suggest a $1,000 donation per student. A donation at any amount is appreciated! 

There are two ways to participate:
  • Check (preferred). Please make checks payable to 'Thornhill PFC'. You can drop them off at the BSDD mailbox in the school office or mail them to: BSDD, 1315 Mountain Blvd., Oakland, CA 94611.
  • Online. Donate via credit card or with your PayPal account.​

If you have the option, we prefer checks since we pay a 2.2% fee to PayPal for all online transactions.
Is there a preferred method of payment?
Yes! If you have the option, we prefer checks over online donations since we pay a 2.2% fee to PayPal for every online transaction. Those fees add up, but we are happy to pay them to make it more convenient for parents.

Please make checks payable to 'Thornhill PFC'.

You can drop your donation off in the school office or mail it to: 
BSDD, 1315 Mountain Blvd., Oakland, CA 94611
Do I need to donate before the end of September?
The reason we ask for donations early in the year is because they are used to pay for several teacher salaries, including our P.E. teacher and librarian. We also pay for various enrichment activities and need to know our budget so we can plan for the school year.

​If donating before the end of September does not work with your family’s budget, you still have options. Your donations will be accepted at any time and will still help support our school. We can also arrange installment plans if that works better for your budget. Contact us at with questions.

As a bonus, early bird donors who donate by September 16th receive an awesome, insulated Thornhill tumbler.
Do you do employer matching?
Absolutely yes! Last year, we raised over $20,000 in employer matching alone!! Please check with your employer to see if they will match your donation to Thornhill. It only takes a few minutes and it DOUBLES your impact! Our tax ID information is on the donation form (.pdf).
The PayPal link does not seem to working for me.
If you would like to use PayPal and are having issues with the link on our site, go directly to and click on the send money link. You can send money directly to

Please add a note when you send the money to let us know it’s for the Back to School Donation Drive along with your child(ren)'s name(s), and then drop your form in the office.
I have more questions...
​If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our BSDD team at

Thank You!

Together, our community of staff, students, and families makes Thornhill an incredible school.