Welcome to Thornhill Elementary School!
Thornhill is a K-5 Elementary School located in Oakland, California. Recently, Thornhill was selected as the “Best K-8″ school in the East Bay by Oakland Magazine and we are proud to have been honored with the California Distinguished School Award.


Student Directory Updates Needed!

Can you believe it's April and we still don't have a student directory?!?

Help us change that!

If you're new to Thornhill, please email your child's name, parents' names, address, email addresses & phone numbers to directory@thornhillschool.org.

If you're not new, but your child is in one of the following classes, please email directory@thornhillschool.org and let us know if you have any changes/updates to last year's information:

Classes in need of updates:

  • 1st Grade: Ms. Fairchild, Ms. Formoso
  • 2nd Grade: Ms. Carter
  • 3rd Grade: Ms. Hancock
  • 4th Grade: Mr. Kloess
  • SDC Classroom

Specifically, we need you to let us know if you have moved, changed your email address or any of your phone numbers...

Thanks to all the Room Parents who have already provided us information on the rest of the classes. Much appreciated!!

Questions? directory@thornhillschool.org


Una Notte da Ricordare

The Thornhill Ball was a great success! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make our trip to Italy, una notte da ricordare (a night to remember)!!

A special thanks to our hard-working Auction Committee, our "sister school" volunteers, all our alumni parents, and everyone who made the magic happen!

And of course a huge shout out goes to our amazing Auction Chair Laura Keady. Grazie Mille Laura! You Rock!!


Attendance Policy Reminder

Did you know that Thornhill has already lost $10,000 in attendance funds this school year? You can help us stem budget losses by making sure our kids are where they should be: in school -- every day.

If your student is going to be absent, please send an email to attendance@thornhillschool.org or call Zettie at (510) 339-6800. If your child is ill, please keep her/him at home. Illness is considered an "Excused" absence. However, family travel is considered an "Unexcused" absence.

It is critical that you notify the school if your child will be absent. Any absence that has NOT been verified by phone, email or note is considered "Unverified" by the state and is classified as "Unexcused". Three Unexcused OR Unverified absences automatically generate a truancy letter from the district. Click here for more information on our attendance policy.